Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fair weather indeed.

Sunday's forecast called for some clouds in the morning but SUNSHINE in the afternoon with a perfect fall breeze. This was perfect for our afternoon because Kelly was upgrading knighthood status all morning and we could escape to the sunny weather at the fair post nap. Sounded like a plan... too bad nobody informed the sunshine.

It may not have been the best conditions but it was definitely some fair weather for the fair. We did get our annual corney dog picture. And then it poured.

Growing up my family took a group picture with our corney dogs every year which was really fun to go an look at the changes over the years. So... we have adopted this into our family. We now have 5 years of corney dog family pictures--- almost halfway to a picture calendar.

Ok... back to the fair.

Despite the cloudy sky we did have a chance to sneak in bunches of fun.

Digging time in the largest sandbox ever? Check!

Lots of time on the farm? check!

Up close interview with a goat? check! P.S. those baby goats are VIOLENT eaters. Poor Mommy goats don't have a bottle option...yikes!
Happiness at the Dancing Dog show? You betcha!
Gabriel couldn't take his eyes of the dogs...
A chance to rock out to the Killdares? Check!
And finally. The beloved corney dog. BIG CHECK! Don't you worry... Gabriel managed to eat the WHOLE thing which of course was followed by the gassiest car ride home. Stinky boy!
Enter rain stage right.

And then the rain stole the show. Wowzers. Can we say COLD, WET, RAIN. In fact, the very opposite of "sunny with a fall breeze". Brr. Kids were nice and dry as they had the raincoats and massive umbrella. Oh, the sacrifices you make as parents!
Fun, cold, tiring fair... we love you! (and yes, the pacifier made a debut... ugh. We were a little to cold to care at that point.)

Hope you have a chance to visit the fair too! It is there---rain or shine!

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meraso said...

OMG! i think i actually remember last years corn dog photo where gabey was blocked by a cup???

hope the kiddos are well!!!!