Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Escape

This fall Kelly and I had decided that seeing some pretty fall foliage was a definite MUST! It is so fun to be married to someone that shares your passion for traveling and living like the locals do wherever we are! Guided tours and regimented schedules...although really nice... just not the way we roll.

What road trip is complete without some quality gum? Anyone else used to eat the whole pouch in one sitting during their childhood? Apparently, Kelly did not eat gum this way. I thought the whole purpose was to create the BIGGEST wad of gum ever!

I guess we're not in Dallas anymore.
The whole purpose behind the trip was to see a waterfall. I love waterfalls.

oh, and we loved the pretty trees too.

Hot Springs has this adorable downtown with the cutest little shops... if only we had more time to see each one!!!

Such a wonderful adventure and really makes me pumped for fall! Hot Springs, we can't wait to come back!!!

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