Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The NEXT generation

I just had a glimpse in to this new generation of kids.

Today Molly, the three year old, was playing in her room and I overheard her say to someone invisible, "Where is my blackberry? Oh, here it is... let me text you."

yikes. That coupled with the fact that she dropped her cup this morning at breakfast and said, "Oh Dang-it" means that we might be in for a whole recall of choice phrases used by Mommy and Daddy.

Gabe on the other hand is much more of fan of word merging. He tends to have GIANT feet and he is always gets them stuck on things...which he tells me about all the time. But rather than just telling me his FOOT is STUCK he now just yells out "Mommy, ...F*@$ "

Our family might have gone up a rating this week.


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