Saturday, October 10, 2009

harvest "bestival"

Today we went to the Harvest Festival aka Molly dubbed "Harvest Bestival". It was really fun but but whoa- it was chilly! Been a while since we busted out the sweatshirts and jackets. We were ready.

Gabriel was definitely ready for some Harvest Fest Fun...

Kelly might have overestimated how many tickets we needed but that is okay. We had no idea that Molly was going to spend about 45 minutes with the animals. She was so excited that she could hold the bunny... well, until it moved.

Gabriel had a serious obsession with the ducks. Well, and some chicken chasing... those poor chickens.

The kids tolerated bounce house prison for about 5 minutes. I find this really funny because they always have loved the bounce house... but, not today.
All this Harvest fun was nothing compared to the joy Molly and Gabriel had visiting the 8th grade face painters. Wow. I have never seen such scary looking children. They loved it! I wish we took a picture of the bathtub tonight. It looked like we had given rainbow brite a bath.

Molly wanted to have a cat face...
Here they are- our cat and tiger. Pretty, huh...
Molly offered up bunches of meows... and despite her attempts at cuteness... she was still rather freaky looking.

And my tiger... well, he was an ORANGE mess.

Kelly was nervous too.
It was really fun to see all of Molly's little friends at school. She definitely is sporting her Panther Pride.
Stay tuned for more fun from the Texas State Fair tomorrow... come on sunshine!!!

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