Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well I made it. This morning I was at the gym at 5:50 for a quick little workout... after several snafus this almost didn't happen. While at the gym I was for one shocked at how many people were there and secondly realized once again how much I am NOT a morning person. It was hard but I made it through it and I plan to do it again Friday. After I buy a new alarm clock.

Here is where the needing advice comes in... I need music ideas! I know that I will not be able to make there in the morning without some awesome tunes to get me moving. So, if you don't normally comment... no biggie... just comment this one time and then return to just reading... I could just REALLY use some suggestions on your one favorite song that gets you moving or makes you happy! If you have several songs then bring it on! I promise to download whatever you recommend as I am open to all types of new music!

I really figure this topic could help others as well as I bet I am not the only one trying to get in shape around here...

Can't wait to see what you like! My workout thanks you... and so does my husband (he may not have to listen to me whine now as I get out of bed...)

Off to take my achy cranky body to get some breakfast.


Stewart Stuff said...

I find that anything Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake always get my fanny moving. :)

Katy Ricken said...

Anything Lady Gaga! I just got her CD yesterday so you are welcome to check it out if you want to see if you like!

Melissa Figueroa said...

Black Eyed Peas....great for the New more ways than one!

AllisonDickson said...

I totally agree with Lady Gaga. Also, surprisingly, my favorite workout music because I can run to the beat (don't make fun) is Gorillaz. I know, so random, but I love it. Also, Eric Hutchinson is my favorite happy music ('sounds like this' is the album title).

HeatherBakes said...

Oooh, good question. My all time favorite workout songs:
Use It- New Pornographers
Jonathan Fisk- Spoon
Someday- Strokes
Very Loud- Shout Out Louds

And of course all of the crappy dance stuff- Kanye, Lady Gaga, possibly Miley...

Becca said...

For me the ultimate get your booty out of bed song is 'Walking on Sunshine'by Katrina and the Waves. Try it, it works!

Mary Anne said...

Hey! Good question. I will be checking out the answers as well for my morning workout playlist! So this is embarassing but my favorite workout song is "Hung Up" by Madonna...I got hooked while in Rome!

Jessica Mandala said...

Agree with the Black Eyed Peas. I love music that makes me move. Here are a few that come to mind:
"say hey" by michael franti & spearhead
"love today" by Mika
"the worrying kind" by the ark
"a-punk" by vampire weekend
"ecstasy of the martyr" by romaniacs (silly but works)
"twiggy twiggy" by pizzicato five
the whole "version" album by mark ronson

raul said...

Canned Heat by Jamiroquai.. Definitely a good biking/running song. The hard part is trying to NOT dance in the middle of the gym :-)

Rebekah Reaves said...

I think good workout music is such a personal choice...sometimes I get embarrassed at the thought of runners next to me tuning in to what's blasting in my ears. That being said, my workout tunes include:
*50 cent
*songs from Wicked
*80s tunes like Jessie's girl and Shot Through the Heart
*bubble-gum pop like JoJo

Looking at this list, I'm a little concerned. I think I might have multiple personalities.