Friday, January 1, 2010

For this decade

2010. A new decade.

Does it seem like it was just 2000 to anyone else?

I have to tell you I am VERY excited about this year for no other reason than the fact that it is an even number. In my vast repertoire of quirkiness lies a big love of even numbers--- and solids when playing pool which for some reason my brain equates to an even number. …

wow, I am strange. I digress.

New Years is always such a cataclysmic opportunity to lump all my resolutions into one GREAT ball of change ready to bounce in action--- however, in many cases it often bounces far out of reality into the happy little world of “never gonna happen”. I have quite of a collection of sparkly shiny new year’s balls there. And I have to tell you--- I think there might be a bunch of us sending them that direction.

This year, I am going to try a different approach. Looking back I have to honest here and say that 2009 was pretty great. In fact, so was 2008. There were definitely challenges for sure -- like when Molly refused to turn her underwear the right way for 3 days and when Gabe discovered his battle cry, there were scarier times -- the day Molly spiked a 106 with the Swine Flu or perhaps when our niece drank a full bottle of Motrin on Kelly’s watch but additionally there were some really great days -- our kids meeting the beach, book club, hot springs and discovering New Flower.

Our year was a nice little smorgasbord of chaos… and one I wouldn’t change for the world now but probably would have tried to at the time. So perhaps it is a good thing that I lost sight of my resolutions...

I think making goals to better take care of myself and the people around me is important… but just not at the start of a new year, this should be an every day necessity—not a resolution. In all the years past my “goal” for the new year never really materialized. For 2006 we wanted a dog and instead found a Molly. Now in 2010 we have a dog and we are so thankful that there is a Molly here to run around with her.
Sometimes, the plan we don’t foresee ends up being the greatest path to happiness.

So this year I really don’t have lofty resolutions…no metaphoric balls to propel into oblivion. I think all I need is to maintain a lifestyle that is essential to my health and wellness, and surround myself in moments that warm my heart a bit.

Like planting flowers…

eating Popsicles
and a GREAT deal of Eskimo kisses.
Hear that 2010? Quite simply, bring on the love.

Happy New Years!


Leslie Dominie said...

L.O.V.E. it...Happy New Year to one sweet family!

Max said...

I love this, Jules! You are amaIng and I am SO glad you are my beat friend!! :-)

Max said..., i wrote that last comment on my iphone...i promise I wasn't drunk! haha! I would have told you if I had been! :) Love love love!

Love your amaling beat friend,