Thursday, January 14, 2010

Musical May Day

It seems that in the spirit of starting fresh this 2010, the May Children are sharing a nice little GI bug. Nothing like cleaning out your system, eh? As a result of said germs, we have not left the house in two days--- (well, technically I was able to escape to book club last night but other than that...) The first day was a really fun play around the house day. Today we were STIR CRAZY.

Today was a giant lump of sibling friction, frustration, boredom with MAJOR spurts of insane energy. Molly totally could have made it at school today. But alas, she was home and we were all a bit intense. Only one thing to do to change our circumstance- DANCE PARTY 2010.

Thank you, Pandora - you really saved the day!
After the DANCE PARTY started to die down, Molly serenaded us with her beautiful music. Such a talent, no?
Molly and her music = love.
Nice to end a LOOOONG day with a very pleasant afternoon...

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Max said...

umm...that song is AMAZING! Hahaha! "Why is it cold, I do not know"..."I like this nasty behavior but I don't like it from you"...that's deep Momo! haha. Songwriting here we come! :)