Monday, January 25, 2010

A story.

So, there are no pictures tonight. I know. Sorry grandparents.

Instead, I am going to tell you a little story from today. Perhaps it could be considered a bedtime story because it is in fact nearing bedtime for some people and well, it is about royalty. Everyone knows a good bedtime story involves some sort of royal drama.

Molly woke up this morning and informed me that she was, "going to wear a dress". I have grown quite accustomed to this request wait, demand because it is a DAILY occurrence. I was going to pick my battle and start us off with a nice pleasant morning negotiation. Molly was informed that she could wear her designated short sleeved dress as long as she wore a jacket and tights/pants when outside. It was a deal.

Fade to Walmart.

Molly is walking into Walmart with her dress, different color tall socks, sunglasses, jacket, GIANT bow headband, purse and yellow belle dress shoes. Nothing matched... not one item on her person matched. How is that even possible with as much pink as she owns? She literally stopped traffic ...all the while Gabe and I whispered secrets to each other in the wings about our silly girl named Molly--- or Princess Belle these days. I couldn't really argue her wardrobe though because she was within the negotiated limits. She was FANCY and you could tell by the way that she was walking that she felt it too. Oh, to be three.

Back to home

Molly has just come in from outside (still in full DIVA attire) to go to the bathroom. All the sudden I hear this scream. One of those--- my child is hurt-perhaps-bleeding uncontrollable cries which translates to GET THERE IMMEDIATELY. I leave Gabe and Rosie George outside to run in the house. Molly rounds the corner in full tears wailing that it "is ALL ruined..." For about the first 15 seconds this was all I could make out mainly because she was a wailing at a level that I am sure only dogs could fully hear. As it turns out, she was trying to wash her hands sans stool and somehow slipped and reaching to grab the facet to steady herself inadvertently sprayed the water all over her face and her precious apparel. END.OF.THE.WORLD.

That's right, folks. No pain. No blood. Just a wet dress.

It is at this point I inform Molly that because she is all wet she will have to change clothes. Unfortunately for Princess Belle, all of her dresses ---yes ALL of them --- were in the washer meaning she was now forced to wear the dreaded-boring-totally-not-fancy blue jeans. Sigh. Well, Molly is now beside herself with agony. True peril here, people.

Enter Life Lesson.

I make sure I have Molly's attention and I informed her that I had a really important secret to tell her. I asked her if she knew what made a true princess.

All you history people out there turn that part of your brain off and focus only on the Disney streamline playing in the back of your head. It's there---just dig deep.

I asked her if she remembered Cinderella. Poor Cinderella. She was forced to wear rags and even had dirt smeared all over face. Sweet Snow White wore a dress with holes and patches. Wet Molly starts in with her sad little empathetic nod. She feels their pain. She is really starting to get it! I use this moment to explain to her that despite their wardrobe they were true princesses because they were kind and had the most important thing---a loving heart.

It is at this point that the birds outside burst into song--- okay, just kidding... but Molly was VERY in to this explanation and I could see this tiny smile creep on her face. As I dressed her in her boring clothes I too started to feel a little giddy because maybe I had done it! Maybe now, Molly was finally tricked into being nicer to Gabriel and me by behaving like a true princess.

The wrap up...

I had to make sure she got the message---really drive the point home. I asked her, "Now Molly, what is it that makes you a true princess..." to which she delightfully responded, "A good heart..." and she grabs her shoes, runs out the door and yells, "and high heels".

Well, at least she got half the message.


Mary Anne said...

Nice job with the lesson Julie!!

Stewart Stuff said...

Hilarious! You should submit that to a newspaper or magazine. Wonderful story and so well written.

Emily said...

This is such a great story, one that you'll be so happy that you documented. Love it!!

jwm said...

omg, i was smiling all the way through that story -- you're a great storyteller, julie! never a dull moment in the may household :). you really should think about submitting one of your stories someplace :).

Max said...

I agree. It's time. Share them with the rest of the world, dear one! :)