Sunday, January 3, 2010

Almost Over It.

Last week in the heart of all the Merry-Christmas-almost-Happy-New-Year hoopla something horrible happened... my camera might have taken a vacation to Jupiter- the permanent kind.

It left very suddenly without telling me and I am so hopeful that it was not kidnapped and will come back to me soon. I have looked everywhere so the only logical explanation is that it has vanished to some place FAR away which is sad because let's face it--I don't travel so much these days. I am trying really hard to make myself believe that it is just lost and it might one day resurface... much like my right black pump did in February and the way that bangs continue to make their comeback again and again. But as the days go by this dream is slowly dying and it just might be time to accept the cold hard truth that my camera is not coming back. Sad.

Enter dark and twisty clouds.

I definitely spent a good portion of last Tuesday and Wednesday in the a required mourning period where I really didn't talk to anyone and bargained with St. Anthony pretty much all day... shamefully bargained... it was very sad.

Don't you worry though, I am almost over it. In the spirit of embracing optimism in 2010 I am going force myself to move on. At least I had already downloaded pictures from Christmas so the damage could have been much worse... oh wow, imagine the bargaining I would have done with the loss of Christmas pictures... at least I am still left with the most important part---- the memories.

The week after Christmas was so much fun! I like to think of it as friend fest 2009- the last ditch effort. We had so many people we love in town and had a really great time catching up. At this point, I would have loved to show you the wonderful dinner we spent at The Cooper Family Farm! My pictures would have depicted me hugging my college roomie (whom I hadn't seen in 1.5 years!). There were fantastic shots of my kids riding tractors, digging up seashells, feeding the locals, and playing with 2 cute blond boys and an adorable redhead! Since I no longer have my old camera, I will just have to rely on my mad art skills... thank goodness I have such artistic talent to rely on in these tough times...

Cooper Farm warms our hearts.
The next morning was BLUSTERY but it didn't stop our fun at all! With Kelly home all week, we stole away to the arboretum for an awesome dance party for one VERY special 2-year-old named Maggie! Dance party with gloves, hats and mimosas. My kind of dance party. We loved hanging out with our favorite New Jersey Family and can't wait for them to come back and play some more! Or perhaps they should just move back to Texas...

Finally, we spotted my camera for an incredible price on Craigslist and went for it. Still missing the other pictures but at least I have a camera to document my very special memories of 2010... like hanging out with the Senator.

I know I am talented and all but I don't know that my art would have accurately depicted Molly's intense joy with holding her tiniest friend.

So I guess it all works out in the end. I still have a perfectly functional camera and some tiny alien in space has a nice copy of my family photos from July to December 2009. Sigh.


Precious Hours said...

Oh noes!!! :( Not the camera! Not right after CHRISTMAS!!! UGH! I really, really hope you find it! They should invent a camera where the second you take the picture, it uploads magically to a web album - safe forever on the interweb!
Oh, and Thanks for the encouragement on my blog!

Carole said...

So sorry! SO sad to lose the camera:( Glad you got another one so quickly!