Thursday, February 4, 2010

Murder at the Juice Joint

Is anyone else shocked that we have now landed in February? We have been moving this 2010 and it has yet to cease. No complaints here because we are having bunches of fun!

Last weekend we celebrated my friend, Lauren's 28th birthday! Can I please tell you how cool it is that I also celebrated her 8th birthday with her? I have to say this might have been one of my favorite birthday celebrations ever! Her party was a murder mystery where we all were various characters and the whole evening was spent unveiling the plot to who killed Notorious Nick. As Kelly would say, this party was the bees knees.

It really had a little bit of college feel to it. I think it was a combination of the lack of children, ample amounts of wine, costumes and a night with amazing friends...

So thankful that my friend, Allison, captured super fun pics! I just love them!

These two... they were hilarious.
My favorite preggers living the high life with her mobster man...
Fancy, no?
Such a fun night with the gang! This picture is still lacking people but a good representation of our book club girls! Birthday celebration was last night for book club and it was a TOTAL blast too!
I would recommend this type of party to ANYONE. I am told that it is really easy to do and the parties can accommodate large groups (like 80+) or you can tailor it to fit your crowd! Check out this website if you are interested!
I think I am going to feel a little confused when life does finally slow down--- and lonely. For now, I a sure am enjoying fun days with friends in this rapidly moving land of 2010.

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Camille said...

I used to want to smoke cigarettes because I thought it looked cool. I think I should be the poster child for smoking. No one would want to smoke then!!!! What a funny picture.