Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ballet Bliss

Molly started ballet last fall and we were so excited! But, much to our dismay Molly quickly became the very opposite of excited in regards to her love of ballet. In fact, it might have been a weekly battle to just get out the door. Heartbreaking. My little ballerina girl, who LOVES to dance and thought that buying ballet clothes/shoes was about the best thing since Jasmine discovered her whole new world suddenly wants out. SAD.

My purpose of this blog is really to just focus on day-to-day life with the Mays and as much as possible avoid loooong rants--- much for your sanity and my blood pressure. So I will just leave it at this: If you are going to teach to children then I believe it is essential to maintain a child friendly environment that promotes developmental growth, learning opportunities for play and a good deal of laughter. A least a smile or two? Molly's previous teacher is young (like me!) and has previous experiences with adults (where I really believe she was great).

Unfortunately, Nonnie and I didn't realize how the class was run until open class which happened to be the last day of the semester. Oops. I was so proud of my little lady for sticking it out even if she didn't know how to perfectly point her toes and totally cheated at the stretches (which was totally WAY cute, btw). She did learn how to spit in her ballet class from a classmate... so there's that I guess. All in all, not the best experience. BOO.

So rather than scrap dancing in 2010 we instead decided to start fresh. And by fresh I mean new class, new teacher, new program and of course new leotards... according to Molly her old pink leotard is totally passé. Thanks to Purplicious of course! Everyone knows that "the new color is black!".

So, here she is after her first new ballet class chic, sassy and most of all HAPPY.

I can not speak enough great things about this incredible find! If you happen to live in the Richardson/North Dallas area I would totally check into the Richardson Parks and Recs at Heights for their Ballet with Mrs. Horn! (In Dallas--- the P & R with Miss Patty is great too---just didn't work so great with our schedule!)

I wasn't quite ready to throw Molly into the world of rigid rules---I still don't like rigid rules as an adult (GULP)--- In this experience I just want her to have opportunities to dance it up with her little friends, hang around in fun ballet clothes and live it up on the stage at her fun recital... I imagine it will be VERY Fancy Nancy indeed. This program is such a perfect fit and we couldn't be happier.

Day one and already making new friends...
Total ballet bliss indeed.


Max said...

Hooray Momo! Your new ballet clothes are beautiful and it is SO good to see your smiling face again! dance Dance DANCE! :)

Emily said...

Ahhhh, Molly looks so cute and so grown up. Glad she's having fun!!!