Sunday, March 29, 2009



This time last year I quickly realized that I was immersed in perhaps one of the largest changes of my life. I had just had a baby, was living out of boxes, was adjusting to Kelly’s new job with AT&T, had recently vacated my position at the hospital and was now a stay at home mom of two children that were probably just as nervous as I was… and with good reason. My plate was full and perhaps my cup and lap as well… I was in all out messy eater. My life needed a little cleaning, perhaps a healthy dose of organization and at least one long nap. However it just wasn't the right time for additional tasks...not yet.

Weeks turned into months and I found that was slowly beginning to gain a little foothold in my world of upheaval. My new abode had a the familiar smells of home, I finally learned how to work the electric gate, had returned to a new part time position at the hospital and had actually met my new best-friend-with-a-kid at a park. Suddenly, newness felt a lot less scary and frankly- a bit less new.

It was at this time that I decided to make a “Completely Julie List”. In case you didn’t know this I love lists immensely. Which is funny because I really am not all that logical or organized… My “completely Julie list” was a list written on a piece of torn spiral notebook paper (my lists don’t have to look pretty) that outlined everything that I thought would make me feel at peace with my surroundings. It was hoped that after everything on my list was checked off I would feel like me- completely. Really the whole concept of all of this is sort of funny because I had no idea what complete Julie felt like because it was ever-evolving. But oh well.

The timing was perfect. This year is my Golden year. For me, I decided that the golden part of this year was to focus on inner strength and light. Kick off was for September. I joined a gym, attended local PTA programming, and life became a little busy… but in a good way. I like to feel busy and also stay up late which I have found is a very good combination.

Along with most people in the world we got swept away in the haze between November and January and emerged with about a million new kid toys in our house. But changes were still happening.

One of the things that I really wanted to try was a cleanse this year. Kelly and I decided to go with the master cleanse. It was hard—mainly, because I love food--- but my goodness, was it wonderful! I don’t know that it was so much that we needed a lemonade mixture to feel healthy but more that it was good timing with the changing of the seasons. I think what I loved the most about it was the energy that we now had. Tasks that had been long abandoned were now finally completed--- like the cleaning of my closets. I think that this could be a post to itself. My home has been clean but my closets had been a mess…very much a reflection of my life.

Life comes full circle. By this time my “completely Julie list” is lost and long forgotten. This weekend as Kelly and I were immersed in closet chaos I stumbled across a box. I initially assumed it was all trash and then looked inside to discover a piece of torn notebook paper with a ‘completely Julie list’- my 27 goals that would help find me. Immediately, I was able to see how far I had come from the nervous person immersed in her world of change. In many ways it was the totality of the list that brought my whole Julie project to a close. So while outwardly the master cleanse was really great… it was really a list, some closets and a bunch of crossed off words that became the best plan for cleansing a Julie…


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Max said...

I love this and I love you. I am glad you are feeling more connected to yourself. Sometimes all it takes is getting rid of some of the clutter inside and outside! You are an amazing woman, mom, and wife! But most of all, thank you for being such a wonderful best friend! :)