Thursday, March 26, 2009

Potato Face

Molly loves to play 'potato face'. Of course it generally doesn't hold her interest for more than 15 minutes but that is okay...only princesses and books are capable of that. We bought Molly Mr. potato head when she was much to young for them and I am so happy that we did. Her creations were incredible. Here is one from a long while ago and it isn't even her best work. Who knew that we had our own little Picasso on our hands? At least she got the nose right...sort of... it was really just an accident I think. I loved it when the shoes came out the ear hole- that was my favorite.

But then the other day I walked in to see potato face looking like this. Hooray developmental milestones. I love that she left one ear off though and stayed true to her Molly flair. You bet the next step was to accessorize her one ear-ed diva with a nice gold hoop earring and a purse on the arm (after they were put on of course.)

Potato face, you're lookin' good.

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