Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Go Bananas!

One donated pacifier, two train transfers and a lovely carousel ride later we had completed our mission! Our children have finally seen the zoo. Another first for the baby book.
I really wish that you could hear me laughing because I am so behind on updating the baby books. I think I left off when Gabriel had two teeth...he is now at 8. hmmm.
It was perfect zoo weather this weekend and not as busy as I had expected for the end of Spring Break. I think there was a discount day on Friday...stink. We decided to make a whole day of it and take the train to the zoo. We heart DART. It was so fun and the kids loved the train.

I have always felt a little bad about never taking Molly to the zoo before. I just didn't know how much she would like it. I have to say that she did enjoy it but still think it could have waited a little longer... I was surprised. I think it will suffice to say that we will be holding off on a zoo membership. Molly did love some big parts of the zoo. She was quite taken with the elephant poop and referred to him as a big boy elephant and she LOVED the gorillas... like LOVE LOVE people. She became fast friends with them.

Her favorite part of course had to be the carousel. Those sneaky zoo people put this sucker right at the entrance which means we talked about it the WHOLE time until it was time to leave. Molly, of course chose to ride the gorilla-- which we later prayed for at bedtime. God bless the gorillas.

Speaking of gorillas, that night we uncovered a couple monkeys of our own that decided to air dry after bath that evening... while pushing babies around of course.
Happy night from our zoo to yours...


Janet said...

I feel guilty that Kade is almost 3 and we still have not taken him to the zoo! I figure we will sometime this summer though! :o) Great pictures! I have to admit, I had to laugh at the last one especially. Cute!

Heather Anderson said...

Love the butt shot! You know they will hate you for that one day :)

Anonymous said...

I can't decide if I love the little naked butts or the baby buggies more! haha!! Love you so much! You are the best friend I could ask for!

The Rogers Triplets said...

For the record, you MUST go to the Fort Worth Zoo. It is way better than the Dallas Zoo. By the way, Wednesdays are 1/2 price day as well. It's a bit of a drive for ya'll, but entirely worth it. Let me know when you want to go and we'll meet up! Oh yeah, way less hills to push the stoller up!