Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Big Boy

I am shocked at how quickly Gabriel is making the transition from baby to little toddler. It seems to be literally happening over night. He now has several new words (up, ball, truck, LALALAL aka Molly). He is on his way to becoming a complete walker. This is actually a little nicer because he is much slower at walking then crawling which means I can actually keep up now. Whew. I will take whatever break I can get.

Recently, Gabriel has started wearing hats again. He went through this phase where nothing could be on his head. I am so happy to be moving out of that phase.

Doesn't he look bigger?

*please note that my children do not always wear the same outfits...I just seem to only take pictures on the days they are wearing the same outfit as last post. Maybe they are just that much cuter in the outfit inevitably making it a picture day?

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Anonymous said...

I notice that the shoes are a hit!