Sunday, March 8, 2009

Super Saturday

On Friday afternoon, we all walked to the park when Kelly came home. On our walk I saw this BEAUTIFUL tree and remembered that Dallas Blooms opened this weekend! Dallas Blooms is so wonderful! I think that our arboretum pass just might be my favorite thing ever!

I was worried that the flowers would not be in full bloom because it was the first day. Boy, was I wrong. The arboretum did not disappoint.

okay so this is a very terrified looking picture of Molly but I promise she was really happy all day (amazingly)

The storybook houses were SO fun! I love that they are positioned all over the park so anywhere you go you can discover a new house!

I think that Molly and Gabe liked Treasure Island best. It had a big sandbox.

Gabriel did GREAT with the sand and didn't attempt to taste it until the last minute before we moved to the next house. He was not a fan of sand eating.
The arboretum was the perfect place for some RUNNING OFF ENERGY! I am not going to lie- this past week was not Molly's finest.
She really did great today though. We needed that.

We loved that each house really had a fun theme and unique things for the kids. Here Molly is visiting the Lorax.
We finally settled for a picnic on the big hill. Now that Gabriel is walking he loves that he can stand up and dance to the music just like Molly. Look at that BELLY!
Our little bohemian princess was REALLY in to the music. At one point she was dancing on these little platforms.
Gabriel sought this opportunity to eat the rest of Molly's lunch.
After nap it was too pretty not to go outside again! We opted for good ole' TCBY. YUMMY! I was really excited because while we were eating Gabe looked at Kelly and signed "more". We had been practicing but he had really yet to grasp it. He was SO cute. I am so sad that I couldn't get a picture of it. (and yes, these bibs are so old and WAY tiny...but they worked)

After eating all that ice cream it was dinner time. Nice. We took dinner to my Granny's and visited! Granny's house has all the fun toys to play with.
Although busy, I think that this weekend was EXACTLY what we needed. Every morning I open the paper and the front page is covered in economic woes and hardship. It is not that I don't want to acknowledge that we are in trying times but I occasionally just need an escape and some room for spontaneous joy. This weekend was the perfect opportunity for that! We are so thankful for the recharge of positive energy.

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Janet said...

Wow! Those flowers are gorgeous! What a fun weekend, and yay for Spring coming in! The kids look great and I'm glad y'all had a chance to burn off some energy!