Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wacky Weather

While I am pleased that we are in for a little warm up I am frustrated that our warm up includes several near 90 days. Really? I want spring. Nice, breezy, comfy, lukewarm spring. You have all heard my previous rants on the weather so I will not submit you to that again. But, it sure has been some wacky weather. And I don't heart that.
Case in point.
Last Thursday was beautiful and warm. Warm enough to wash good ole' Stella in the driveway. Molly loved this project! I think that her favorite part was when she got to strip down to her panties and scrub away. My little OCD cleaner. She is a girl after her Nonnie's heart.

Surprisingly, they were a very effective cleaning crew. That is until I turned around from spraying the car to see Gabe with the whole bucket of soap in hand taking a nice long swig. I almost threw up for him. But he lived and went on as if burping Palmolive was just a normal part of life.

Moving on to Saturday. Low in the 20s. So cold that that we lasted about 20 minutes outside before Molly started to turn blue. She could stand to have a little more meat on her skinny bones.

this is her cold face mid teeth chatter.
So yes, definitely been a week of up and down. Who knows we might be in for a swim this Friday followed by some sledding next week. Stay tuned.

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