Friday, October 23, 2009

Bye Bye Yaya

Dear United States Supreme Court,

I would like to file a claim against MY entire family. I have been bamboozled, wronged... there are indeed treacherous misdoings afoot and it needs to stop now. I am a victim and I won't stand for it. These are the facts.

My morning started just like any other---except I was allowed to have my "yaya" in the store which was a nice treat.

Then we saw some trucks---my favorite.
My mommy had me trade my yayas for the trucks. At this point I feel I was being misrepresented because I have no recollection of the words : Goodbye FOREVER.

See... poor schmuck
And then came nap time. Nice story, great snuggle, placed in bed, searched for yaya... and then I realized it. I HAD BEEN ROBBED. I was NOT happy. I AM not happy. Do not let this picture confuse you... I really am upset.

just when it is dark in my room. My sister tells me that this means I am a BIG boy now and that there are so many great things about being big.
I tell you what would be great- my yaya.
My lawyer, Little Bear, is available to meet at any time.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Gabriel J. May


Rikki said...

Love it love it love it. Good luck to poor Gabe trying his case! :) And good luck to Mom & Dad while he does!

Max said...

You are brilliant. Start writing so that people can buy it and so I can put it on my shelf. I mean it, I'm not kidding around. The time has come! :)

Also...thank you for letting me be apart of the great YaYa ceremony. Who knew that back when we wanted to be YaYas...that this would be the way we would get it! ;)