Thursday, July 8, 2010

Microburst #5 Emma Long

Emma Long is my most favorite park. Or as we locals like to say "City Park". This park has been a favorite for years. It is funny because it always seemed like such a distant hidden treasure and now it is just a mere couple miles away from our home...funny how the perspective changes.

In college, I looked for every opportunity I could get to escape here in the fall with a blanket, bag of grapes, coffee and books. Studying surrounded by rolling hills and swans swimming downstream can make the whole process of studying about a million times more pleasant.

As I live in Austin with a family now, I am finding that a bunch of my old favorite spots really don't work so well with small children. So nice to see that Emma keeps coming back... this beach was awesome and one that we will be visiting often... if not every day :)

our own day at the "beach" with Daddy. We will miss him when we leave on our 9 day journey to Destin tomorrow.
Stay tuned for pictures from the "sea" where Molly has assured me we will find at least one mermaid. Sounds good to me.

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Stewart Stuff said...

We went to Reimer Ranch (by Hamilton Pool). It's relatively new and nobody is ever there. Great swimming! Y'all should try it out.